– Aqua War Io!

Aqwar is a fun, low commitment game where you are a fish that swims about the ocean looking for smaller fish to eat. Those fish are often other players from around the world. As you consume them, your fish grows larger. You can only eat the fish smaller than you are, and any fish that is bigger is going to eat you. So it’s a metaphor for life. Continue reading

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PAPERIO is an addition to the ever-growing “io” series of games in which players are thrown in an arena where they must duke it out to be the best of the best. In Paperio specifically, players take the form of an always moving square that is constantly attempting to grow its territory. The player leaves a path behind them, and when they touch their base, all of the space enclosed in their square is turned into their color. The object of the game is to have claimed the most territory possible, and defeat your enemies while doing so. Enemies are killed when you intrude upon their soon-to-be-enclosed square path. Continue reading


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Happy Wheels is on!

Happy Wheels is one of the rare games that can use simple mechanics without getting boring or repetitive. The game offers a map, basic steering and acceleration, and ragdoll physics, then tells players to go have fun with them. At its core, the game is a simple sidescroller, but getting through the map in one piece isn’t really the point. Continue reading

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Drunken Boxers

Drunken Boxers is a different type of fighting game. Instead of the typical athletes who try to box against each other, there are two people who appear as though they have been drinking a little too much who enter the ring. You can choose either a one-player or a two-player game. It’s best to select a two-player event so that you aren’t fighting against the computer. Continue reading

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Call of Zombies

I love zombie games. I think I could play the first third of Dead Island every day for the rest of my life and never get bored. So obviously I checked out Call of Zombies, which is free on Continue reading

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Hill Racing 2 – Climb The Hill!

Start your engines and get ready for some off-road fun with ‘Hill Racing 2’, an online game designed for your smartphone or tablet. This game was designed with skill and quick thinking in mind. With ever changing terrain, vehicles and difficulty, you’ll need to quickly get a feel for the handling of this one to master it. Continue reading

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A Soldiers Inc. Review

Soldiers Inc” is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Game made by Plarium  that recalls both the addictive daily-play rewards of Clash of Clans (including exclusive rewards for consecutive days of play!) and the real-time strategy and building of games like StarCraft. You are immediately placed in command of a private military organization working, for good or ill, in arid and hostile Zandia. The mysterious Mr. Black is your supervisor and main “friendly” contact throughout the game though one begins to realize that all things may not be quite as they appear. Continue reading

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Orion Sandbox: Cool and popular pixel exploration and survival game

In a world where more simplistic gaming websites like Silvergames are being widely overlooked due to the influx of more popular console games, there exists a sort of whimsical aspect to the world of gaming online. Sites like Silvergames give independent game designers a chance to show off their skills while also giving those who still appreciate the aspect of user created content the opportunity to get a unique gaming experience. Continue reading

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Traffic Collision – A Fun Free Run Game

Traffic Collision is a free browser-based escape game hosted on Silver Games. Traffic Collision’s goal is similar to other escape games, also known as free runs: spend as much time in the game as you can without dying, or in this case, totaling your car. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score. Continue reading

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Don’t become a Dead Samurai

“Dead Samurai” is a fighting game with a silly, hyper-violent theme and somewhat confusing controls. The graphics in the game appear to be intentionally flat and two-dimensional. Everything is just a solid shape with a gradient applied to the surface to give the illusion of shading. The character designs are a little uninspired with people just wielding big weapons while wearing relatively average clothes most of the time. The sound effects match what is happening on the screen. This includes some atmospheric sound effects for things like creaking trees and rain. Continue reading

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