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PAPERIO is an addition to the ever-growing “io” series of games in which players are thrown in an arena where they must duke it out to be the best of the best. In Paperio specifically, players take the form of an always moving square that is constantly attempting to grow its territory. The player leaves a path behind them, and when they touch their base, all of the space enclosed in their square is turned into their color. The object of the game is to have claimed the most territory possible, and defeat your enemies while doing so. Enemies are killed when you intrude upon their soon-to-be-enclosed square path. Continue reading


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Pixel Warfare 5!

Pixel Warfare 5 is an improved version of the shooter that was first set up for Minecraft players. There are a lot of people who got into the first person shooters because they wanted to do more with their Minecraft worlds, and now they can play Pixel Warfare 5 to enjoy the shooter in its most full form. You can play this game all by yourself, or you can play it with your friends. Continue reading

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5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Reloaded


5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Reloaded is an adult flash game I played on Silvergames, today. Like the title says, the object of the game is to kill yourself within 5 minutes. This controversial video game is actually very fun and enjoyable. Continue reading

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Agario is a simple, browser-based game where the player takes control of a cell moving around an environment filled with other cells, both stationary and player-controlled. The goal of the game is to become the largest cell by absorbing other cells and players. The game draws some gameplay elements from the indie game Osmos, which had a similar concept, but was single player and offered more stage variety, with different goals besides just becoming the biggest. Continue reading

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Back to Candyland

At first glance, Candyland looks to be a rip-off of the ever-popular Candy Crush Saga. The game is themed around candy, the graphics are bright and cartoon-themed using the same golds and purples primarily, and the levels are laid out in a map. The similarities stop there, however. Continue reading

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Feed Us: Lost Island

Pyrozen Games’ Feed Us: Lost Island is a spinoff from the Feed Us flash game series. Continue reading

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Stomach Surgery – Become A Doctor!

Stomach Surgery is a point-and-click game that is actually more educational than it is fun. It’s not something that you are going to have a lot of fun playing, because it’s slow-paced and fairly easy to play. However, if you are a medical student or if you want to be a doctor and you want to know the procedure behind a stomach surgery, this would be an interesting game for you to play. Continue reading

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Mine Clone a Minecraft Clone

Mine Clone is exactly what it sounds like: A bad clone of Minecraft. The game loads and you are spawned high above a world that slowly generates beneath you. It’s a small world, smaller than the average single biome in Minecraft and it steals the usual Minecraft grass, stone and tree textures. In the right hands, these resources could make an interesting and robust game. In this case, the developer’s hands were far from the right ones. Continue reading

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Need Water – Puzzle Game

One of the most addicting puzzle games available online today is Need Water. Need Water, which can be played for free on the Silver Games website, is a strategy based game where you try to beat many different levels and challenges, which get progressively more challenging as you go through the game. Continue reading

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The Arcane Weapon Game

Arcane Weapon is a arcade style fighting game very similar to the popular Mortal Combat series. The style of this game allows you to use fighting moves to try and lower your opponent’s health to zero, in which case you would be claimed the winner. The catch is that you must also protect your own health, as if it hits zero, you will be defeated. There are certain techniques and special effects that you can use to accomplish this goal. Continue reading

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