Become A Fortnite Champion With The Cool Game Fort Building Simulator!

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. While most people think of it as a game of combat and silly dances, the truth is that it has a fairly significant building component as well. Given the fact that you couldn’t really practice building outside of the game proper until recently, there was a real need for a place to practice. That’s the most charitable assumption one can make when looking at Fort Building Simulator, a game that absolutely banks on your familiarity with Fortnite to get you to play the game and that really functions only as a practice mode for a more popular game.

On the positive side, theĀ Fort Building Simulator game certainly feels like a Fortnite tutorial. Sure, there’s no shooting and you don’t get to look at any of Fortnite’s landmarks, but it looks close enough that you’ll feel comfortable playing around in the terrain. The shapes of the structures you can build are identical to what you would find in Fortnite, though you’re not going to play around with gathering materials and you’re not going to get to figure out which materials are actually worth building with during this game. It’s very bare-bones, but it really does provide you with a chance to practice building.

There’s a lot not to like here, though. The controls aren’t very responsive and you’re not going to get to do much more than building basic structures. Importantly, you won’t get any of the experience you need building on varied terrain or in building under fire. This simulator is about as basic as you can get, with just four buttons worth of control and only one real objective. It’s fine if you have never built anything in Fortnite before, but you’ll honestly get about as much building practice done before the average game starts.

In short, this is a brief Fortnite rip-off that will at least allow you to practice some of the basics of building. You won’t actually get better at Fortnite while playing this, but you might develop some structural ideas that you can bring into the game. With the new modes added to Fortnite recently, though, it really doesn’t feel like this game has much of a purpose. If you absolutely need to build and you can’t access Fortnite proper, though, this Fort Building Simulator will probably be the next best thing. If nothing else, it will help to tide you over until your next real game.

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