Welcome To The Fashion World Of The Cool Dress Up Games!

Dress Up Games,” also known as “Doll Games,” “Doll Simulators” or “Paper Doll Games,” are an evolution of the classic paper doll activity that has been around for ages. Funnily enough, some Dress Up Games are programmed in Flash, a program that involves creating puppets for each different look you want to give a character or object. In their most basic form, Dress Up Games present the player with a featureless character and multiple options to give that character an outfit. Many of these games will also include other cosmetic elements like different skin tones for human characters, as well as eye and hair color.

Some Dress Up Games may feature a scoring system, allowing the player to figure out how keen their fashion sense may be after dressing up their doll to the nines and submitting the final look for approval. Other Dress Up Games are designed with creativity in mind and simply allow the player to continually mix and match outfit components to their heart’s content. One benefit to Dress Up Games composed of coding, instead of dead trees, is when it comes to applying make-up to a doll. While drawing make-up on the doll in a physical dress up game would mean that the player could no longer use that particular doll, Dress Up Games allow the player the benefit of simply undoing a particular color of mascara, lipstick and so on and leaving her with a new, blank canvas to play around with.

Most Dress Up Games are a perfectly safe means of keeping small children entertained without veering into the unsavory portions of the internet. These games can inspire a child’s creativity and may also foster an awareness of what is fashionable and observe color theory in the context of design-the player can gain a better understanding of what colors best complement a particular outfit or skin tone. While most Dress Up Games are concerned with playing around with the aesthetics of a human body, a handful of these games give their players the option of adding cybernetic parts or even customizing a non-human cartoon character. In short, Dress Up Games are a way for young children to play dress-up without the additional space taken up by paper doll sets or actual fashion dolls.

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