Watch How Batman Shoots Hartz Potter In The Cool Game Rooftop Snipers!

Available as both a Chrome browser game as well for download to any iOS device, the game Rooftop Snipers offers the super-casual gamer and their friends a mildly engaging and laugh-inducing experience of shooting various projectiles and crazily jumping in order to dodge and shoot and push opponents off a steep height like a city rooftop or a blimp.

Strategy and in-depth gameplay are more or less absent with Rooftop Snipers, though there are definitely laughs to be had when playing with a friend  the only worthwhile mode although there is a single player option.

Each player has two buttons to tap to control their characters, one to jump and one to both aim and shoot. Playing Rooftop Snipers on a browser, users can use W and E and I and O.

To spice up the gameplay in rooftop snipers, included are various characters from pop culture that players can choose to play as — including John Wayne, the Joker and Mr. T. In reality, though, the simple and straightforward graphics don’t offer much more than a hint of a persona. The advantage here is the graphics are so simple that the game won’t take up a lot of storage space if installing.

Though Rooftop Snipers is a cool sniper game with two buttons, it is nonetheless recommended that players watch the short walkthrough. Aiming at opponents is a bit tricky. It is accomplished by holding down the “shoot” button and watching their arm raise into an arc in front of them and going up and around behind them, depending on how long the button is held down. Firing is accomplished by releasing this “shoot” button.

While there are no directional controls other than aiming, characters’ balance and momentum can be very sensitive, meaning one potential strategy in knocking out opponents is to angle one’s character towards the other player and by attempting to push them off the edge by hitting the “jump” button.

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