Go On A Horror Adventure In Five Nights At Candy’s!

Of the infinitely many free to play horror games available online, it may be hard to come across a genuinely fun and scary game. Five Nights at Candy’s is one of the few Flash games that can fit that category.

Five Nights at Candy’s is based on the infamous Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF), where you work as a security guard at a restaurant with animatronics that turn evil at night. You can even hear about Freddy’s Pizzeria, the location where FNAF is based, being “shut down” for unknown reasons near the beginning. As you launch a new game, you are forced to listen to what seems to be an eternally long introduction to set the mood, but once it is over, you may begin to play.

The first think that catches an eye in the Five Nights at Candy’s is the well designed Graphical User Interface(GUI), which allows for a smooth and easy start, as well as manageable controls; something very difficult to find with “free to play” games online. As some time passes and you finish examining all the different features of the game, you start to get an eerie feeling from all of the oddly shaped mechanical animals, although the overall scary feeling this game should have is stripped by its low quality music. On the other hand, the game manages to retain a fun, arcade-style type of feeling, with the occasional jump scare. After a while of playing though, it begins to feel very repetitive and loses its authenticity.

If you were to approach Five Nights at Candy’s as a horror game, then you will sorrily disappointed, but if you approach it as a fun and “arcady” type of game, then it is an enjoyable experience with a somewhat scary twist to it, although that should not be its main focus. Five Nights at Candy’s is a short lived, yet fun and periodically scary game; not one to spend hours on, but definitely one to help pass the time.

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