Turn A Guy Into A Pretty Girl In The Boyfriend Girl Makeover Game!

“Boyfriend Girl Makeover” is a Flash-based paper doll game and one of many cute dress up games. The most unique aspect of this particular game is the premise: players get to play drag maven and dress a stubbly male as if he were a model.Gameplay consists of three stages.

Stage One: Cleaning Up the Guy
This stage must be repeated with every playthrough and consists of the following steps:
Lather up and clean the beard.
Wash the beard.
Shave the beard.
Apply a facial mask, then wash the face clean.
Apply skin softener.
Apply one of four shades of skin toner. This is the first step where players can customize the guy’s final form.
Apply foundation.
Trim eyebrows.
Stage Two: Make-Up and Outfit
This is the stage where customization fully opens up for players. When it comes to make-up, players can choose to add:
Eight different colors of contacts.
Eight different shades of lipstick.
Eight different approaches to eyeliner.
Eight different shades of mascara.
Eight different colors of eyelash brush.
Six different shades of blush.
As for outfit, players’ options include:
Eight different wigs.
Eight different tops.
Eight different bottoms.
Eight different dresses. These take priority over any tops and bottoms already worn.
Eight styles of shoes.
Six different necklace/earrings sets.
Once the player is satisfied with their selections, they can click the “Next” button at the bottom of the window to transition over to designing the ensemble for the guy’s girlfriend using all of the same options offered in Stage Two. Once the player is satisfied with the girl’s look, she can transition to the third and final stage of Boyfriend Girl Makeover gameplay.

Stage Three: Showing Off
This final stage in Boyfriend Girl Makeover game places the boy and girl next to each other, allowing the player to bask in her work and show it to her friends and family. The player can also go back to the drawing board by clicking the “Reset” button on the right side of the game window.

While there’s not much to say for graphics in a paper doll game, presentation can be discussed. While the background music is one looping track and sound effects are minimal, audio can be toggled off. Overall, this is a harmless bit of fun for kids. Have fun with Boyfriend Girl Makeover game!

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