Save Your Stickman From Going To Jail In Stick City!

There’s a reason that there are so many stick figure games. They’re easy to make, yet the art style can blend seamlessly into almost any genre. There’s a stick figure version of just about everything, from racers to action-platformers to hardcore RPGs. It makes sense, then, that there would be a stick figure version of Grand Theft Auto. It might not have the cars, the satire, or even the over-the-top fun, but it would still feature stick figures beating each other up. Stick City is the game that tries its best to pull off that particular effort, and it fails miserably in doing so.

If you’re going to talk about Stick City, you’ve got to start by talking about the controls. Terrible is not a good enough word here. The controls require using a mouse, which absolutely eliminates anyone playing on a laptop. Even better, the controls require holding down the right button and clicking on the screen, which also moves the camera. It’s entirely impossible to move around well in the game, which is a shame since it really does try to go for a kinetic atmosphere. The game is hamstrung from the starting gate and it just doesn’t get better from there.

The movement would be acceptable if there was anything else to the Stick City game. You essentially spend your play time running into other stick figures in order to get them to drop money. You’ll sometimes run from the police or avoid vehicles, but you’re largely just trying to rack up a high score. Even if you could move well, you’d probably find about five minutes of joy in the game. As it is, every second is a chore and you’ll wonder why you aren’t playing absolutely anything else. There are few gaming experiences that are quite as joyless as this attempt.

There is not even a kernel of a good game here. As a game, it seems only to exist to satisfy a few search engine terms. It’s boring at its best and unplayable at its worst. It’s bad even by the standards of free flash games, which really says something. There are plenty of stick figure and flash games that are worth playing – some even from the same developers. This is just not something you need to spend your time on. In fact, you’d probably have more fun trying to draw your own version of the Stick City game.

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