Easiest and Funniest Boxing Game Ever – Boxing Physics 2!

Boxing Physics 2 is one of the most fun addicting simple online boxing games. It is a game that only has three different game modes and can be played with a friend or alone. Learning the game is an easy process because there is only one button required. Additionally, the style and art of the game is very rudimentary, however, its retro and pixelated art style makes for a very cute and visually pleasing game.

On the menu screen of the boxing physics 2 game, an exciting and driving percussive beat plays which is a fun touch to amp you up for the game. After pressing play, there are three game modes to choose from: “Crazy,” “Real” and “Kick” Mode. In “Crazy” Mode, every hit you land counts, in “Real” Mode, three hits mean knock-out and “Kick” Mode provides a fun spinoff of the other modes where you kick instead of punch. After choosing a game mode, you are prompted to choose a character to play with such as, a beach girl, a male boxer, and Santa Claus. After picking, you can play.

What is most fascinating about Boxing Physics 2 game is its play style where players only utilize one button on the keyboard to play. The player icon uses that one button to not only punch but to move as well. If you are on the right side of the screen, you use the “up” button and if you are on the left of the screen, you use the “W” key. After the first press of the button, your character icon jumps forward, providing the initial momentum of your character. Your character will continue to rock back and forth. From then you must then time your button pressing to move your character either forward or backward. Wait for the character to lean forward before pressing the button if you want to move forward and the opposite if you want to move backward. When you get close enough to your opponent, make sure to quickly mash the button so you can punch/push them to the ground or far away from you in defense.

This game appears initially boring and silly, however, once you understand the physics and objectives of the game, it is extremely funny and entertaining to watch your characters fly around the screen. If not extremely astounding, it is at least a fun game to giggle at to pass small amounts of time when you have nothing else to do. You can also download this game on your mobile from Google Play and App Store. Have fun with Boxing Physics 2!

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