Find a Way To Make a Poor Princess Happy in the New ‘GROW’ Game Grow Cinderella!

“Grow Cinderella” is a Flash-based title produced by and part of the “Grow” series of games. The premise of Grow Cinderella seems to be clicking objects in order to give Cinderella an outfit stylish enough to attract Prince Charming.

The meat of the Grow Cinderella game involves clicking on six different objects and noting how the results affect the performance of clicking on the other objects. There are six objects in total: a lizard, two mice, a sheet of paper, a yellow pumpkin and a tree stump. Depending on the order the player decides to click on the six objects, Cinderella’s dress may improve, her pumpkin carriage may improve or go back to being a gourd and her headless horses may wind up being mounted by one of two helpers and ridden off camera. After clicking on all six objects, the player can assess her score by seeing the level of each object. While it seems that clicking on the objects in the right sequence will give Cinderella a dress and a carriage to meet the Prince, I think the math breaks down into more than 30 possible combinations, so if you want to come fast to the end of the game and see what happens, then you can just watch Grow Cinderella Walkthrough.

When it comes to presentation, the very first thing that players will notice is the horrendous 8-bit midi-quality background music that plays as long as the game is active. Fortunately, Grow Cinderella game is programmed in such a way that players can separately mute its background music and its sound effects. The game’s visuals are considerably more tolerable; it is easy to tell exactly who and what everything is supposed to be although none of the presentation would feel out of place in a grade school student’s storybook. One possible complaint is that players may have to scroll down a bit to see the various options which are all placed along the bottom of the game window. Beyond the option to mute sounds and music, players can also click on a fast forward button to expedite the resulting animation from clicking an object and a coin button to donate to

Overall, Grow Cinderella is best used as a time-killer for small children or as a means of improving cognitive skills by way of teaching sequences and patterns. Even if you give those audiences a chance to play it, it is strongly recommended that you keep the BGM muted-the sound effects are nowhere as ear-shredding.

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