Wormax IO – The Most Addictive Snake IO Game!

Wormax io puts you in control of a snake crawling across a map, eating colored dots to grow bigger. However, your worm also has to share the map with other players’ worms — and if your head collides with one of them, you die and turn into worm food yourself. The goal is to get your snake as big as possible, by maneuvering other players into collisions so you can eat them up, and climb up the leaderboard as you get bigger and bigger.

If you’ve played Slither.io, Wormax io will feel familiar … very, very familiar. However, Wormax io has a few wrinkles in its controls that make gameplay a bit more interesting. Your snake normally moves forward at a constant rate, steered by the left and right arrows, but Wormax io allows you to speed up or stop dead for a few seconds. These abilities can be critical in avoiding a deadly collision. You can even unlock the ability to briefly “ghost,” or pass through other players.

You can also pick up a variety of power-ups, including magnets that pull dots to you, power-ups that make your snake grow, and telescopes that let you see farther to avoid collisions. If you register with the game, you also gain “Essence” while playing. Essence can be spent to improve your worm’s stats, as well as skins to make your worm look different. You can also buy Essence for real money, which unfortunately does introduce a bit of a “pay to win” aspect to the game. The game also divides players into “leagues” based on skill, and there is an Essence bonus for moving into a higher league.

Derivative of Slither io as it may be, Wormax io has enough differences to make it an enjoyable and unique experience. Fans of Slither and those new to the snake io games will find a lot to challenge and entertain them.



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