The most dynamic and fun-addicting cliff diving experience on the web in FLIP DIVING!

Flip Diving enables you to experience the extreme cliff diving and gives you control of a cliff diver. Your objective in this cool sport game is to make successful dives to earn points and coins. Controls are extremely simple: click once to begin your dive, and then again while your diver is in midair to tuck. You don’t have much control over what angle your diver launches at — he sways back and forth while you’re holding down the button, and launches when you let go.

Hit the water right, headfirst or feet first, in this cool diving game, and you score some coins. A back or belly flop, however earns you nothing. The game’s system of judging dives is a bit strict and can take some getting used to — sometimes what looked like a good dive is rejected as a flop. Occasionally crates appear in the water — if you land on these, you get extra coins.

A successful dive is scored based on how good your entry was and how many flips you made, and gets you placed higher up for the next dive, so you can potentially earn more. Fail, and you get sent back to the start. Besides the coins you earn for a successful dive, there are also coins hanging in midair that you can grab if you plan your dive properly. Gather enough coins in Flip Diving and you’ll be able to spin a wheel for content unlocks, including other divers, different diving tricks, or different maps to dive on.

Unfortunately, coins are the main problem with Flip Diving. To unlock any of the extra content you’re going to have to dive again … and again … and again. And the game’s limited control system means it’s just not fun enough to make grinding bearable. Even unlocking a new map, a new outfit, or a new trick doesn’t make gameplay more fun.

Since Flip Diving (cheats) is free, it’s worth a try to see if it entertains you. However, you’ll probably find yourself putting it down as quickly as you picked it up.


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