– Aqua War Io!

Aqwar is a fun, low commitment game where you are a fish that swims about the ocean looking for smaller fish to eat. Those fish are often other players from around the world. As you consume them, your fish grows larger. You can only eat the fish smaller than you are, and any fish that is bigger is going to eat you. So it’s a metaphor for life.

Luckily, in Aqwar io  the smaller fish can move faster. As you get bigger, you kinda just float around hoping tiny fish run into you. You can also use big fish as a block, by forcing smaller fish toward them, and then catching them when they run back. There are also lots of little food pellets floating around. You can eat those, especially early on, to get a little boost to your size. In Aqwario you have a temporary shield to protect you if something gets too close. Don’t forget it when a big shark has you trapped against a net. Also, you can switch fish, becoming different species with different advantages, like an electric eel which can stun opponents. There are orcas and sharks and all kinds of sea creatures.

There are even more things going on. Don’t run into the puffer fish. They cause your fish to split up into a school of smaller ones that are then more easily eaten. They move and grow together, so it can eventually make you more mighty as a team of huge predators. But they also make a great buffet for larger fish if you happen to swim too close to one.  The point is to last. The larger you get, the better your chances are of surviving encounters, but also it increases your chance of hitting a puffer or some other object like a torpedo that knocks you out.

There seem to be no technical issues with the game Aqwar io.  Action was very smooth.  Aqwar  looks to be a great time killer, like when you are on the bus or waiting for an appointment. There is minimal commitment, great replayability, and a fun, quick challenge to this game.


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