PAPERIO is an addition to the ever-growing “io” series of games in which players are thrown in an arena where they must duke it out to be the best of the best. In Paperio specifically, players take the form of an always moving square that is constantly attempting to grow its territory. The player leaves a path behind them, and when they touch their base, all of the space enclosed in their square is turned into their color. The object of the game is to have claimed the most territory possible, and defeat your enemies while doing so. Enemies are killed when you intrude upon their soon-to-be-enclosed square path.

Paperio is brutal. Players are thrown into the game without any instructions (in game at least). Players quickly learn that the point of the game is to take as much territory as possible, but usually it takes a few times of dying instantly before figuring out how exactly it works. For me personally, I died probably six or seven times before I understood that not only did I have to protect myself as a square, but I also had to protect my territory. enemies getting to close to my home base meant a quick death.

Once I did learn the ropes, I had quite a bit of fun. There’s a lot of strategy to the io game, and a lot of the fun comes from plotting how to kill the neighboring squares, or rushing back to home base before they kill you.  The strategy here is all about risk. You can take more territory by staying out of your base longer, but it also gives a greater opportunity to be killed. The further you venture out, the more points you will receive, but the greater chance of death.

Overall, I would definitely suggest PAPERIO to anybody looking for a way to kill some time. This game has all of the ingredients to a viral game: easy to learn, fun game play, competitive nature, and ability to show dominance against other random internet players. If any suggestion could be made, it would be that a tutorial or some sort of rule-set may help newer players get acclimated to the brutal culture of Paperio.



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