Drunken Boxers

Drunken Boxers is a different type of fighting game. Instead of the typical athletes who try to box against each other, there are two people who appear as though they have been drinking a little too much who enter the ring. You can choose either a one-player or a two-player game. It’s best to select a two-player event so that you aren’t fighting against the computer.

You move the fighter with the keypad on the computer. This is rather difficult as you have to have a little coordination in order to get the fighter to the right area of the ring and to hit the opponent in the manner that you want for him to receive any kind of damage. There is a bit of a lag in the game, which can cost you the round if you aren’t paying attention. Your health is seen underneath your character. The fighters can’t stand up all the way, and when they do try to hit each other, they usually miss. When one of the fighters receives more energy, he glows and has golden rings that come from his body. The game doesn’t even take place in a traditional boxing ring. It takes place on what looks like a back alley in the city. There’s plenty of room for the men to fight, but they like pushing each other up against a wall while trying to hit each other in the face or somewhere on the body.

The fighters also look like they are hitting each other in the head as they run toward each other. This is a drunk game that should be played if you want to pass the time or if you want to see poorly computerized characters attempt to fight. It’s nothing more than a brawl that likely started in a bar.


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