Call of Zombies

I love zombie games. I think I could play the first third of Dead Island every day for the rest of my life and never get bored. So obviously I checked out Call of Zombies, which is free on

To play, you need to sign up for a thing called I reluctantly did so and I immediately started getting script error messages. I reloaded the game and I saw that I was signed in. There’s also the option of saving your game on your computer, but I had no interest in doing that. I stopped and tried to play this on my tablet, but it turns out that this game is desktop-only. I finally got the game underway. The graphics are perhaps on par with a Playstation 2 game. That is not a problem for an old fogey like me. The controls are your basic first person shooter controls, use WASD for movement, all that stuff.

The frame rate is extremely choppy. I have great internet but my machine is a few years old so the issue could have been on my end. When I got into the game, zombies were coming at me right away. I ran to a building and got to a ladder. I tried climbing it by walking into it, but nothing happened. I tried the ‘use’ key, which is “f” in this game, but no dice. The problem here was that the zombies were right on me and I didn’t have a moment to figure out the controls. They killed me.

Attempt number 2 worked out a bit better. The framerate was still poor but I was able to get the gist of what’s going on. You are supposed to survive waves of zombies. A horde comes at you, you mow them down, and then you do it again. All of the zombies look exactly the same. The zone is very cool with a nice variety of buildings and fences you can use to avoid the enemies. The zombies make a straight beeline for you and it doesn’t seem like stealth is going to help. They just know where you are on the map and they run right at you.

The sound is great. The game has good zombie noises and great atmospheric sounds. I’m a sucker for a zombie game or really any form of zombie entertainment. Zombies just never get boring to me, even though really all zombie stories are fairly one-dimensional. There’s something intrinsically fascinating about the idea of surviving in a world where society has crumbled.

Call of Zombies is free, so you might want to give it a try if you have time to kill.

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