Hill Racing 2 – Climb The Hill!

Start your engines and get ready for some off-road fun with ‘Hill Racing 2’, an online game designed for your smartphone or tablet. This game was designed with skill and quick thinking in mind. With ever changing terrain, vehicles and difficulty, you’ll need to quickly get a feel for the handling of this one to master it.

Hill Racing 2 has some of the best gameplay for an pc and mobile game. You start with one vehicle to choose from, one choice of terrain, and some coins to do slight upgrades. You earn upgrades by getting as far as you can on the course. Coins are collected during each run, and if you leave the game for a few hours and come back, your progress is saved, which is a great feature to have.

The controls of ‘Hill Racing 2’ are quite easy to grasp. Your right thumb controls the gas and your left thumb controls the brake. The brake and gas icons are incredibly easy to differentiate, and there are no surrounding controls, so it’s extremely easy to get a hang of accelerating and braking in no time. It does take a bit of practice to understand how your vehicle will react with the terrain, so don’t think that this one is too easy by any means.

The graphics on ‘Hill Racing’ are crisp and clear. Hills and coins are both clearly defined and while not detail-heavy, it’s certainly an enjoyable game to look at. The options and upgrade screens are easy to navigate through and understand. The layout of controls and buttons throughout the game, as well as information like coin count, are easy to read and well-placed.

‘Hill Racing 2’ is a fun game that has a lot of addiction potential to it. It’s extremely easy to get caught playing this html5 game for a few hours while trying to learn how the car is going to react with the terrain. Each upgrade makes quite the difference in higher levels, and each higher-level car is more fun to drive than the next.


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