A Soldiers Inc. Review

Soldiers Inc” is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Game made by Plarium ┬áthat recalls both the addictive daily-play rewards of Clash of Clans (including exclusive rewards for consecutive days of play!) and the real-time strategy and building of games like StarCraft. You are immediately placed in command of a private military organization working, for good or ill, in arid and hostile Zandia. The mysterious Mr. Black is your supervisor and main “friendly” contact throughout the game though one begins to realize that all things may not be quite as they appear.

Your first main objective, and one that you will carry throughout the game, will be to build an efficient and formidable military outpost. This means building facilities for the production of troops and munitions, as well as ones for receiving or keeping up stock of rations. A hungry army is a dying army and resource management is an important part of “Soldiers Inc“, while not necessitating the actual grinding for resources often required by other RTS games. Instead, building an Oil Derrick will consistently supply your base with needed fuel, and building more than one will increase your yield. Food comes in the form of rations that are air-dropped in at Landing Pads. One may be tempted to amass a large army quickly, but do not underestimate the importance of a large standing stock of resources before jumping into the fray.

Interestingly, “Soldiers Inc” is Massively Multiplayer by default – a feature not often seen in other Strategy-style games. Upon inspecting the game map, my base was already surrounded on all sides by other players. An ominous note appeared at the bottom corner of my screen, notifying me that I was protected from attacks by other players until somewhere around level 31. Instead of comforting me, this made me anxious because I realized I would be stomped soon. But that’s what MMOs are all about – the community. And it seems “Soldiers Inc” has a fairly strong community, judging from the number of trade offers up in the Logistics Exchange. Your relationships will be forged by you alone. And you can choose to be a flea on your neighbor’s collar, or the spring in his step. “Soldiers Inc” gives you the right to command every minute operation in the Zandian theater. What will you do with all your power?

Soldier! Go Go GOOO!!

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