Puppet Soccer 2015 Socks the Competition

When you arrive at the title screen of Puppet Soccer 2015, prepare to be greeted with catchy, upbeat music. This is very important as a first impression on whether to continue playing, as annoying music can often ruin the entire gaming experience.


So here you are, dancing in your seat to a jazzy tune, and you begin to navigate the menus of Puppet Soccer 2015. Within a few clicks, you’re smack-dab in the center of league action. First you must choose a team from a pool of 32 clubs. Next you will be asked to purchase the player you want to control for that particular team. As a first time player, you will have 10,000 points to spend. This amount only buys you the lower-tier talents, but you soon earn more money while playing. Return to these selection screens later to either buy elite players, or upgrade your original player. After you pick your club and player to control, it’s time to start competing at the league table.

Once the gameplay starts, it becomes crystal clear how addicting this game can be. The controls are very tight and responsive, and the user has the option of using the mouse or the keyboard for inputs. During the course of the game, little icons appear above the playing surface. If you knock these bonuses with the soccer ball, exciting things will happen to the players. Some icons freeze a player temporarily, while others provide a speed boost. Coins can also be collected when they appear above the field. You’ll work your way through the schedule, collecting more in-game coins by scoring goals and winning games. If you can pry your eyes away from the action, check out the movements of the crowd in the stadium. These little fans will perform the wave, or jump up and down while celebrating a goal of that top soccer player. You might even hear the crowd chanting or clapping if they’re bored with the play on the field. It’s the small touches like these that make Puppet Soccer a pleasing experience.

Most casual gamers can pick this game up in a couple of minutes. However if you’re skilled enough, you can clinch a playoff spot and play for the championship at the end of the season. From start to finish, Puppet Soccer 2015 has friendly graphics, bright colors, amusing sounds, and great replay value.

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