StreetRace Fury: Cool drag racing game for mobile devices


StreetRace Fury is a car racing game for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. The format is drag racing, with most races lasting for less than 20 seconds. Each victory grants the player prize money, which can be redeemed for upgraded parts, cosmetics, and even new cars.

The game play is all about reflexes and timing. There are no controls for steering or acceleration. The player must time gear shifts by pressing the clutch when the RPM needle reaches the desired zone. Failure to do so will cause the car to shift gears more slowly, thus losing precious seconds in finish time. The player can also get a starting boost by manipulating the needle correctly at the beginning of the race. This is known as the launch.

The game features 12 unique vehicles, many of which are modeled after real life cars, such as the Fellani F720, the Limbodani Taurus, and the Maclean P680. All of these cars can be driven by the opponent and are purchasable by the player.

Various upgrades to cars are available, including engine, acceleration, wheels, and weight. Each of these affect the car’s overall rating in the respective category. The upgrade garage also allows for various levels of nitrous oxide to be installed. Purchasing nitro unlocks a new feature in game play, presenting a button that can be pressed to give a temporary boost in speed and acceleration. Proper use of nitro is crucial to winning races in later stages of the game.

In order to purchase upgrades and new vehicles, cash is required. Money is awarded after each drag race. A standard purse is granted simply for participating, with a bonus for winning. You can also earn bonus money based on your experience level, vehicle cosmetics, record times. These bonuses are affected by multipliers for successful launches and and gear shifts.

StreetRace Fury has two game modes. Career mode is the main portion of the game, where progressively tougher opponents over dozens of stages. Each stage has three to seven races that must be completed to advance. The final race of each stage typically pits you against the most difficult opponent.

These drag races are fast paced and quite addicting. Some practice is needed to get a good feel for correct timing, especially for properly using nitro boosts. Some opponents will use cars that are statistically superior to yours, so an edge in skill will be needed to defeat them.

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