Game Review: Fleeing The Complex

Fleeing the Complex is an endearing title, which sort of surprised me at the start. You are a stick figure man in a stick figure world. Tasked with (you guessed it) fleeing the complex. The action is very much point-and-click, but the pointing and clicking is relegated only to an options screen that overlays the said on screen action. The premise is simple here. Escape. The choices that you are presented play themselves out in an art style that is both simple and perfect for this type of tongue-in-cheek comedy romp.  I feel like some of the options are not so obvious in how you implement them however.

The play style is very much trial and error. I found myself retrying multiple sections more than one time. That never took away from the novelty of it all however, I wanted to try again and was not disappointed when my choices did not pan out for me. Like when in one specific section of the game, I tried to use plunger boots to cross a tricky looking pipe, only to be stuck in place where I stood. This is where the game shines for me though. I enjoyed the silly and campy way that each scenario played out, regardless if I failed or not.

I ended up inflating my head with helium (obviously) and floating across the precarious piping. It is the way that they animate each situation and the many references to other games like Mario and Metal Gear that are really endearing, and make it re-playable. I just loved the nostalgic moment of the guard looking at me sneaking by and say ‘Huh? Oh it’s just a box.’ ala Metal Gear. On my next attempt at escape, I used the leaf reminiscent of the Tanooki Suit power up from Mario and made a glide towards the ship.

Without spoiling anything more of the choice options, let it be said that this is one of the only games that I’ve played where losing is just as entertaining as winning is. Your ultimate goal is to not get caught. There is a counter that keeps track of how many times that you’re caught, so you can try to keep it low. The game is very short, but encourages multiple play-throughs with their hit and miss style of game play.  I enjoyed every minute of this short yet ambitious title. It’s hilarious!




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