Handless Millionaire: Do it for the Money


Handless Millionaire is a game that looks like something out of a Saw movie. It is easy to imagine the premise of this game being something that Jigsaw would think up for a greedy victim. Fortunately nothing about that keeps it from being an incredibly fun game with a distinct look that tests your reflexes.

To win each level, you must get as much money as possible. Easy, right? Oh so very wrong. The hand you control to catch the money is on one side of a fast-moving mini-guillotine and the money is on the other. To catch any of the bills falling down the left side of the screen, you must time your grabs perfectly or you risk getting part of your hand chopped off in the guillotine. The moment your hand makes contact with metal, you lose the level and must start over. Each level has a higher and higher threshold for winning, meaning the difficulty increases exponentially. Also with each level, the guillotine moves faster and in a different pattern, meaning you can never use the same strategy twice.

One of the best parts of the game is the aesthetic. It is full of cartoony violence goodness. If you are not a fan of animated gore and ketchup-looking blood, this game might not be for you. Each time you lose level by getting your hand caught in the guillotine, fingers–and sometimes entire hands–go flying and thick blood glops onto the screen. If you are a horror fan or just have a sturdy stomach, the art style is a fun one.

This is the perfect game to download to your phone to play on the go or to play on your tablet on a relaxing night at home. The simplicity of the controls put you in a trance as you try to time your grabs at the falling dollar bills perfectly, and the art style is a fun change from your every day surroundings. Available for both Apple and Android devices, this is definitely one to check out today.


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