Levers: Create a huge, balanced mobile in this great physics-based puzzle game challenge

Levers is an interesting game by Vectorpark that uses physics to create increasingly complex challenges for players. The game is deceptively simple when you first start. The graphics are done in bold shapes and colors much like cutouts. There are sound effects from the very start although no background music is present. The first screen you see has water flowing along the bottom. You hear the sounds of waves crashing. A single arm with hoops on each end is balanced at the top center of the screen much like an empty mobile. Gameplay starts right away without any menus or credit screens.


The basic goal of the game Levers is to construct a balanced mobile by using random items. You do not know what the parts are in advance. They drop out of the sky whenever you complete a challenge. The first item you receive is a bowling ball. You drag the bowling ball out of the water and attach it to one end of the mobile arm at the top. This causes the mobile to tilt and sway in reaction. A circle in the center of the arm will start a countdown once you have the piece in place. Your job is to position the items so that nothing touches the water while the countdown is occurring. If you succeed, then a new item drops into the water for you to use. You must use all items every time.

The items you get can include buckets of water, birdhouses and snowmen. You also start to receive additional arms to add to your mobile. You can arrange the arms and items in any way you want. You can take the whole thing apart and start over each level if you want to. You start being able to interact with certain items as the levels progress. You can drain some water out of the bucket. Three birds will come out of the birdhouse moving randomly around the screen and causing balance issues with your mobile. This adds some depth and randomness to the whole game Levers.

One of the few drawbacks of Levers is that there is no good tutorial. Additionally, you have to discover things like how objects work by trial and error. This can lead to some frustrating moments because it is not always obvious that an object will do something useful. Levers is a nicely done game that can provide interesting challenges for hours. It is appropriate for people of all ages.



You can play the free game Levers here! Enjoy!

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