Still Alive

Still Alive is a zombie apocalypse shooter by SilverGames. Your character has a barricaded house, a car that needs to be fixed and an infinite supply of ammo. Unlike many games that rely on features to try and make them more interesting, this game’s charm relies much more on its tactics than anything else. Because of this, it is clear that the creator is gifted when it comes to mixing gameplay with an interactive puzzle.


Set in one location with a static background facing the car, house and open field, zombies enter on the left and proceed right until they are either killed or reach the house where they start chipping away at its health. Once the round is over, you use your earned stamina to increase search to find to weapons, practice to improve skills, repair to fix the car or build to fix any damages made by the zombies. As soon as the stamina is spent, the next night happens with an entirely new wave of zombies that is slightly harder than the previous night. Herein lies the strategy. You have to decide which of the four stats will aid you most during the next round, and if you make a wrong move, you’ll find yourself quickly overrun. In addition, its art style is very much unified with the text and sounds to enhance the overarching mood.

The biggest concern is that the zombies sport maybe four different models. There was even one point where the house was being overrun by at least 10 of the same decomposing walking corpse. While not a big thing for many, it can still take a player out of the game by making it seem more comical than it is. Mouse movement can get frustrating as there is a slight delay, making it feel like the pointer is trying to move through molasses. Guns are also not easy to choose for this reason since they are located bottom left, making you drag your mouse a long way before the selector activates.

Those that like puzzles and shooters will enjoy Still Alive immensely. It has at least eight different guns you can find, does not require grabbing ammo and keeps you mentally engaged as you try to figure out which stat would benefit you the most during upcoming rounds. If it were to be called anything, it could be called a first person tower defense. If you get stuck, check the complete walkthrough for help. Enjoy!



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