The cute Monster Wants Candy!!! Help – In the name of Love!

If you are looking for a simple but fun game to pass the time on the way to somewhere play Monster Wants Candy. This is an Enclave game and originally started as a demo at Mozilla Festival in 2013. Six months later it was a game released by Enclave and now sponsored by SilverGames.


The game even has a story line. A little purple monster has to rescue his girl by collecting candy. She has been captured by an evil king who wants candy as ransom. This is very hard for the purple monster to collect.

Cheerful music plays while colorful candy floats up, down and to the side of the screen. The candy has to be collected before it floats off screen. The first candies are easy for the monster to collect because there are not many and they are moving slow.

In the beginning, there are just a couple of types of candy, but more are unlocked as the game progresses. Candy, cupcakes, slices of cakes, doughnuts, all eventually are unlocked. As you unlock the candies, it increases the number coming out at the same time and they are now moving faster. Reflexes have to quicken to catch all the candies before they float off screen. Each candy that floats off screen costs a life and there are only three lives.

To make this simple reaction-test game even more challenging, there are bombs floating with the candy and sometimes on top of it. If you hit a bomb, the game is instantly over. As you are clicking fast to collect the candy before it goes off screen, its very easy to accidentally hit a bomb. The bombs also increase in numbers and speed.

Even though Monster Wants Candy appears as a simple game, it can become challenging requiring good reflexes and speed. This game has the potential to become addicting as you try to help the monster rescue his girl. For a challenge without a lot of requirements Monster wants Candy is definitely that.
Wanna play and enjoy this fun mobile game on your iPhone, too? Try it now at and have fun!

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